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2018 Registration Central

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9:15 am
12:00 noon
1:15 pm
Video or
2:00 pm

Business Meeting
      Audience: All
Lunch - (International Cuisine)
      Audience: All
TOM Talks - Two short talks
recorded at Annual Conference

      Audience: All
Worship Planning - Part A
      Audience: Worship Team
Worship Planning - Part B
      Audience: Worship Team
New Benefits
      Audience: Finance, Clergy, SPRC
Financial Policies
      Audience: Finance, Clergy, SPRC
Staff Parish Relations Best Practices
      Audience: SPRC
Church Trustees Best Practices
      Audience: Trustees
Care of the Parsonage
      Audience: Trustees, SPRC, Pastors, Church Council
Children's Ministry
      Audience: Christian Education
Generosity and the Call to Ministry
      Audience: All
Ministry With Young Adults
      Audience: Young Adult Leaders
Exploring Organizing Concepts
Through Biblical Narratives

      Audience: All
Energy to Income - How to reduce energy
cost and generate operating income

      Audience: All
Creating a Culture of Invitation
      Audience: All
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